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Фильм студии Роскосмоса."Генерал звёздных войн"
Фильм студии Роскосмоса."Мечты сбываются"
Фильм студии Роскосмоса." Царь-ракета. Прерванный полет."
Фильм студии Роскосмоса." Белое солнце Байконура."
Фильм студии Роскосмоса. "Первые на Марсе. Неспетая песня Сергея Королева."
Фильм студии Роскосмоса. "Космос говорит по-русски."
Фильм студии Роскосмоса. "Он мог быть первым. Драма космонавта Нелюбова."
Фильм студии Роскосмоса. "Космический пророк."
Фильм студии Роскосмоса. "Спутник вместо бомбы."
Фильм студии Роскосмоса. "Последняя любовь бога огня"
Фильм студии Роскосмоса. "Старт номер сто""
Фильм студии Роскосмоса. "Звездные амазонки"
Фильм студии Роскосмоса. "Зов бездны"
Фильм студии Роскосмоса. "Борис Черток. Выстрел во вселенную"



2009 год

30.12.09 2009 Summary and Forthcoming Tasks. The interview of the Russian Federal Space Agency's Head A.N. Perminov for the broadcast Space Wednesday on air of Golos Rossii (Voice of Russia) radio station. Audio and shorthand report available.
25.12.09 The preparation of the TV-Studio's documentary Star Wars General is completed. The film is to be shown on one of the Russian national TV channels. The film's presentation occurred on the 23rd of December 2009 on the meeting of the Federal Space Agency's Scientific and Technical Council's board and panel. Extracts of the film are available.
10.12.09 Roscosmos TV-Studio is congratulating Director General of FGUP TsENKI (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Centre for Ground-Based Space Infrastructure) A.S. Fadeev with the awarding of the national prize Person of the Year 2009 for his contribution to the development of Russia's space rocket industry. Video 15 Years of TsENKI.
18.11.09 The first broadcast of the Space Wednesday programme was aired on the radio station Golos Rossii (Voice of Russia). The joint half-hour project of Roscosmos TV-Studio and the State radio Golos Rossii will be aired weekly on Wednesdays.
21.10.09 Roscosmos TV-Studio's documentary Start№100. Union of Titans (directed by Alexey Kitaytsev) obtained the diploma and the special prize Fruit of Cognition on the IV International Festival of Popular-Science Films World of Knowledge which was held on 19-23 October 2009 in Saint-Petersburg.
13.10.09 A new video presentation Space and Children intended for demonstration in UNESCO on request of the S.P. Korolyov All-Russian Children and Youth Centre for Aerospace Education. Video available.
12.10.09 A musical sketch NASA Administrator Charles Bolden in Russia. Video available. Premier of the TV-Studio's documentary Boris Chertok. A Shot in the Universe was released on the Channel One (Perviy Kanal). Supplementary information.
29.09.09 NASA Administrator's Charles Bolden interview for Roscosmos TV-Studio. Baikonur. 29 September 2009. Video
22.09.09 In September 2009 Roscosmos TV-Studio participated in the All-Russian contest of media publications on mechanical engineering related topics. For an active contribution in forming the industry's positive image the Studio was awarded with the Diploma For allegiance to the topic and decorated  with the souvenir sign of the All-Russian contest of publications “Mechanical Engineering”.
27.08.09 Shooting from the spacecraft Resurs-DK1 dated 26.08.09 (next to the disaster) - the general view of Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower plant. Photo 1, Photo 2.
19.08.09 A Russia's new spaceship. The interview of the FSA Head Anatoly Perminov. Video available.
18.08.09 The ISS crew greeted the visitors, participants and event organisers of the International aerospace show MAKS2009 on its opening day.
14.08.09 A new video presentation intended for demonstration on MAKS-2009 Russia the Space Power. Video available
7.08.09 The ISS crew congratulated Director General of FGUP TsENKI (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Centre for Ground-Based Space Infrastructure) A.S. Fadeev with his 60th Birthday. Video
17.07.09 A new dynamic video Waltzing Soyuzes. Video
4.06.09 The preparation of the video presentation Space for Humankind on request of FGUP “Russian Research Institute of Space Instrumentation” intended for demonstration on the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget in June 2009 is completed. Video available in Russian, English and French.
2.06.09 City's and Cosmodrome Baikonur Day celebrations. 2 June 2009. Video
27.05.09 The interview of the Russian Federal Space Agency's Head A.N. Perminov before the launch of Soyuz TMA-15 spaceship. Video
27.05.09 The spacecraft Soyuz TMA-15 launch was broadcasted live on channel Vesti by the TsENKIKOM telecruiser. Lift-off's video
24.04.09 Roscosmos specialists brought George's ribbons (a symbol of the Victory's Day) from Moscow to Baikonur for the crewmembers who are currently on the orbital watch on board the ISS. Thereby starts the George's Ribbons-2009 campaign in Roscosmos. Video
12.04.09 The Roscosmos TV-Studio's website won a prize of the contest AstroRunet Stars 2008.  In the nomination Year's Breakthrough (the best new website) it stood third, while in the nomination Best Cosmonautics Official Website alongside with the web resource of Russian Space Mission Control Centre (TsUP-M) it also got the third position. Supplementary information
12.04.09 On the eve of the Cosmonautics Day the Roscosmos TV-Studio's chief video engineer Yuri Rubtsov was awarded with a medal of FGUP TsENKI For creative contribution in the development of  ground-based space infrastructure
9.04.09 There appeared a new chapter Archive Reels on the Roscosmos TV-Studio's website where are stored cosmonautics related documentary reels of various years.
7.04.09 Opening of a memorial plaque in the honour of the 100th Birthday of the space rocket radio equipment's constructor Mikhail Sergeyevich Ryazansky. Video
26.03.09 The interview of the Russian Federal Space Agency's Head A.N. Perminov before the launch of Soyuz TMA-14 spaceship. Baikonur. Video
18.03.09 The report of the Russian Federal Space Agency's Head A.N. Perminov during the meeting on the development of production and testing basis of the space industry in the Khrunichev State Space Scientific and Production Centre. Video
10.03.09 An open lesson for school pupils Youth Chooses Space timed to the 75th Birthday of the Earth first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was given today in the Mission Control Centre. In the framework of a joint project with Roscosmos TV-Studio the open lesson was broadcasted live on TV channel Vesti. Video
26.02.09 TsENKIKOM telecruiser broadcasted live the carrier rocket's Zenit-3SLB with spacecraft Telstar-11N launch on TV channel Vesti. Video
11.02.09 On the 10th and 11th of February 2009 the Roscosmos telecruiser TsENKIKOM carried out live broadcasts of carrier rocket's launches on TV channel Vesti providing the further distribution of the on-air data to all Russian television channels. Launches of Progress M-66 and Express.
09.02.09 Premier of the TV-Studio's documentary The Call of the Abyss was released on the Channel One (Perviy Kanal). A secret psychotropic war of intelligence services has never been a matter of public discussion. This film is slightly lifting the veil of these mysteries. Video
02.02.09 The audio and shorthand record of the report of academician Boris Chertok during the 13th Korolyov's Readings “What cosmonautics will be like in 2101” (January 2009). Audio
13.01.09 The Head of the Russian Federal Space Agency A.N. Perminov on the occasion of the Russian Press Day congratulated journalists covering space related subjects in mass media. With a Roscosmos sign of honour For assistance to space industry were awarded: channel Vesti anchorwoman Irina Rossius, Interfax correspondent Dmitry Strugovets, Roscosmos TV-Studio's special correspondent Natalya Burtseva. Roscosmos TV-Studio's employees awarded with a letter of commendation – Boris Gotgelf, Alla Guseva, Yuri Rubtsov, as well as the editors of Russian Space and News of Cosmonautics magazines. Video


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